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Now we know for sure. The establishment media is in the tank for Hillary

Stuart Varney, We figured the establishment media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Now we know for sure, thanks to WikiLeaks. Not only are the elites supporting her candidacy, they are part of her campaign. John Harwood writes for the New York Times, and appears on CNBC. He was a debate moderator. He reported back

CNBC Host Rebecca Quick Promises to ‘Defend’ Obama Appointee #WikiLeaks

Justin Haskins, Since WikiLeaks began releasing once-private messages from Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta, the world has had even more access to hard evidence of the mainstream media’s support for and collusion with Democratic Party operatives and campaigns. The latest example, reported now for the very first time (as are we can tell), shows

Dishonest media clicking its heels three times to try to make Trump go away

Jamie White | Infowars, Desperate: Mainstream Media Pushes “Trump Dropping Out” Conspiracy Theory. In a stunning show of desperation, the mainstream media is claiming that Donald Trump may drop out of the Presidential race, despite being told otherwise by the Trump campaign. The media is so desperate to derail Trump’s campaign that a flurry of