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Michelle Malkin: Colorado’s Anti-Fracking Crackup

If a pair of extreme green ballot measures fall in the Rocky Mountains and no one in the liberal media is paying attention, does the collapse make a sound? This week, two anti-fracking initiatives backed by deep-pocketed environmental lobbying heavyweights, such as the Sierra Club and Greenpeace, failed to gather enough signatures. The more draconian

Trump Could Win Pennsylvania

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said Thursday he’s skeptical that Republican Donald Trump will take part in the three debates against Democrat Hillary Clinton scheduled for this fall. “He not only doesn’t put any meat on the bones, I think if you asked him for specifics he couldn’t tell you, and that’s why I think

Clinton’s top five vice presidential picks

Picking the right vice presidential candidate will be a key decision for Clinton as she looks to strengthen her campaign for the fall. Here are the candidates getting the most buzz in Clintonworld. The former governor turned senator has become a favorite among Clinton insiders. They see the centrist as a rising star in the

Your Taxes: Obama has pizza and pool night in Denver

 On Tuesday, President Barack Obama’s continuing quest to break free from the constraints of the White House brought him to a crowded pizza restaurant, a pool bar and face-to-face with a man wearing a horse head mask. Shortly after arriving in Denver, Obama headed to the Wazee Supper Club for dinner with local residents who