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Trump executive order on religious liberty to focus on Johnson Amendment

The executive order President Trump is expected to sign Thursday will be focused on the Johnson Amendment and allow non-profit organizations to deny certain health coverage for religious reasons, administration sources told Fox News Wednesday. Trump will instruct the Treasury Department and the IRS to not enforce the provisions of the Johnson Amendment regarding political

Donald Trump, the Johnson Amendment, and the Question of Christian Cowardice

Michael Brown, If President Trump succeeds in removing the oppressive Johnson Amendment, which limits freedom of speech from the pulpits, will Christian leaders be more outspoken on controversial moral, cultural, and political issues? I have my doubts, since I don’t believe it is the Johnson Amendment that has muzzled preachers across America. I believe it

Should Christian Leaders Stay Out of Politics?

Michael Brown, Is it dangerous for Christian leaders to mix politics and religion? Is that a confusion of their calling? Or is it important for Christian leaders to address all areas of life, including politics? I have had to address this question myself, since I might be preaching in a church service one day, teaching

It turns out Values Trump Everything

Todd Starnes, So how did Donald Trump seal the deal with Conservative Christians? Well, it turned out to do more with the Republican Party platform and less about President-elect Trump. Nearly 6 in 10 Trump voters were impacted by the pro-life, pro-religious liberty planks of the Republican Party, according to a post-election poll commissioned by


Donald J. Trump Gave A Well-Received Speech To The Values Voter Summit, Drawing “Loud Applause” On A Number Of Occasions Wall Street Journal’s Ben Kesling: “Donald Trump’s Support For Home Schooling Line Gets What Might Have Been The Biggest Moment Of Applause From #VVS2016 Attendees.” (, 9/9/16) Reuters’ Ginger Gibson: “Biggest Cheer Trump Has Gotten