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‘Climate Change’: It Was Better When The Media Didn’t Pretend To Be Impartial

Seton Motley, One of the greatest of the great many scams to be hatched and nurtured during the radical Left revolution of the 1960s – was the notion of “objective journalism.”  The radicals created the concept – to advance Leftism under artificial cover. Prior, most newspapers and other outlets were openly organs for one Party or faction

Twitter User Who Allegedly Caused Journalist’s Seizure Charged With Assault

Alex Pfeiffer | Daily Caller With A Deadly Weapon. The felony assault charge comes with a hate crime enhancement. John Rivello, the Twitter user who allegedly sent a tweet that caused a journalist to have a seizure, was charged by the Dallas District Attorney Monday with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The felony assault

O’Keefe Exposes Attorney Who Helped Pedophile Teacher Get Away With Raping Students

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Teacher who forced students to have oral sex decades ago may still be on the prowl. New York State United Teachers attorney Mitchell Rubinstein found himself in the hot seat Tuesday after Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe released a shocking 16-minute hidden camera video shot at a union holiday party in Dec.

Fake Journalism

Jack Kerwick, A friend and colleague—a Democrat—sent me a text the other night.  The resignation of General Flynn and the recusal of Jeff Sessions from an investigation into alleged connections between President Trump and “the Russians,” he wrote, are “huge victories for journalism.” I disagree. First, it is highly debatable whether, on the merits of

Secret ‘CNN Tapes’ Project Veritas Leaks Full 119 Hours of Audio #CNNLeaks

Shepard Ambellas | Infowars, Secret audio leaked from within CNN’s Atlanta H.Q. 119 hours of “secretly recorded audio from within CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta” was released Thursday by Project Veritas at the 2017 CPAC conference. Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe told reporters that over 220 minutes of leaked audio was captured by a source inside the

Investigative Report: Colleges Are Now Giant Psychiatric Facilities

The Alex Jones Show, U.S. colleges have been turned into weapons of psychological warfare. Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport explains how America’s universities have become psychological warfare testing grounds. TOXIC Psychiatry IS TAKING OVER US Colleges Psychiatry is being used against the American public through the school systems to destroy future generations. Millennials: Generation Of Race

Bilderberg Website Hacked: ‘We Will Find You and We Will Hack You’

Mikael Thalen | Infowars, “Each one of you have 1 year (365 days) to truly work in favor of humans and not your private interests…” Hackers have compromised the website of the Bilderberg group and defaced its homepage., the official website of the secretive forum, which hosts annual closed-door discussions between leading figures in politics,

Whitewashing the Black President’s Legacy Not at all Scandal-Free?

Brent Bozell, As President Barack Obama’s White House days run out, it’s time for his obsequious courtiers in the liberal media to announce his glorious “legacy.” On Dec. 7, CNN devoted a two-hour prime-time special to the Obama legacy. It was hosted by Fareed Zakaria, a journalist whom Obama had invited to the White House

America Takes Knee On Media Bias

Liz Crokin, It’s been amusing to watch some of the elites, celebrities and members of the mainstream media have embarrassing childlike temper tantrums and meltdowns over Donald Trump’s victory. It’s expected with the elites and especially Hollywood stars, many in both circles are completely out-of-touch with reality. However, what I find so incredibly disturbing is