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Justice Gorsuch: Senate Confirms Trump’s First SCOTUS Pick

Ian Mason, The Senate voted just before noon Friday to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Nation’s highest bench. The vote, originally set for Friday evening, was moved up to the morning after Democrats agreed to wave part of the final debate period. Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s pick to replace conservative anchor of the Court,

As Gorsuch Confirmation Approaches, Democrats are out of obstruction strategies

Joseph Klein, President Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court is heading for a final showdown Friday, in what is emerging as likely the most high-stakes partisan battle yet during the first 100 days of the Trump administration. On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the

NRA to Campaign Against Red State Democrats who Oppose Gorsuch

AWR Hawkins, With a vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch fast approaching, the NRA is making clear they will campaign against Red State Democrats who vote against the nominee. There are number of Senate Democrats from Red States who are up for re-election in 2018. Gateway Pundit published a list of

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Questions for Judge Gorsuch

Judge Andrew Napolitano, I have spent this past week watching the Senate Judiciary Committee interrogating U.S. Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch. Judge Gorsuch is President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court. The vacancy was created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia more than 13 months ago. The Supreme Court

America, this is the most important political story of the year

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because they feared that a Democrat winning the White House would appoint yet another liberal judge to the Supreme Court. In recent times, the court has often ruled on politics — not the law. Many Americans fear that, including this one. Mr. Trump nominated 49-year-old Neil Gorsuch from Colorado,

Lunatic Rep. Maxine Waters veiled threat to Trump: ‘Get ready for impeachment’

A California Democrat seems to think that President Trump shouldn’t get too comfortable in the White House, and is repeating her claim that impeachment is a very real possibility. “Get ready for impeachment,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., wrote on Twitter early Tuesday. Waters didn’t add any kind of context as to what may have inspired

Neil Gorsuch and the Senate’s convoluted Supreme Court confirmation dance

Erin Hawley, Monday, the American people will meet our probable next Supreme Court Justice, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, Neil Gorsuch. There is no question that Judge Gorsuch is exceptionally qualified. His background and character are unimpeachable. The non-partisan American Bar Association has given him its highest possible rating. Even the Senator leading the

Trump tweets dredge up Blumenthal’s Vietnam controversy

Sen. Richard Blumenthal may have thought he put his “stolen valor” controversy to rest during an apologetic press conference in 2010. Then President Trump picked up his cellphone. Trump on Thursday morning hit Blumenthal for allegedly exaggerating details of a conversation with Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch – while shining a light on the seven-year-old