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Ryan, Trudeau face off on hockey, as border-adjustment tax, ObamaCare head to overtime

Chad Pergram, House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn’t speak French. He studied German at Miami University in Ohio. The Wisconsin Republican describes himself as a “bad” hockey player, too, sustaining a nasty scar that required stitches after getting clipped while involved in a pickup game in college. But Ryan didn’t let his language nor hockey failings

Kellyanne Conway: General Flynn Enjoys the ‘Full Confidence of the President’

Jeff Poor, Monday in an interview with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, Kellyanne Conway, an aide to President Donald Trump, downplayed the controversy surrounding national security adviser Michael Flynn having allegedly discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak before Trump’s inauguration. Conway told Kornacki Flynn continues to “enjoy the full confidence of the

Canadian PM Trudeau calls Quebec City mosque shooting ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’

Two gunmen stormed an Islamic center in Quebec City and opened fire killing at least six people and wounded eight others Sunday, police said Two suspects in the shooting were arrested, Quebec City police spokesman Constable Pierre Poirier said. Their identities haven’t been released. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the shooting, calling it a

Castro a Hero to Useful Idiots, but Not to Those He’d Broken

John Kass, At least the death of the monstrous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro — who murdered his own people and turned his nation into an island prison — accomplished something. It triggered the useful idiots of the political left who praised their late hero. And it caused me to remember someone I’d forgotten, back from

Michelle Malkin: Justin Trudeau A Baby-Faced Commie Apologist Unmasked

Wasn’t one vapid pretty boy named Justin from Canada enough? At least Justin Bieber is eye candy without the heartburn. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is the twinkly-eyed boy toy who makes informed adults wanna hurl. For more than a year, the liberal Canadian prime minister enjoyed drool-stained global press coverage as the “hot

Relax Liberals: The Third Reich Isn’t on the Way

Debra J. Saunders, Editor’s Note: Debra Saunders is off today. The following column is by Bernard Goldberg. Perhaps you’ve noticed that some of the most illiberal people in America these days … are liberals. Liberals are the ones who pride themselves on being open-minded. But who are the ones on college campuses stifling speech they don’t

Don’t Forget Border Security Up North

Helen Raleigh, December is usually a slow month for any significant policy changes: politicians as well as ordinary folks are getting into a jolly mode. They are probably more concerned about what gifts to get than matters of national security or the economy. This December should be different. Back in June, Canada’s liberal Prime Minster

This is So SICK: Sex offender acquitted of bestiality involving peanut butter

Kit Daniels, Canada Legalizes Oral Sex With Pets. Canada’s Supreme Court has legalized oral sex with pets as long as no penetration is involved in a ruling slammed by animal rights groups. The court ruled 7-1 in favor of a British Columbia man convicted of 13 counts of sexually assaulting his stepdaughters who also “smeared