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Microsoft Faces China Backlash to Windows Amid U.S. Spat

 China’s government took another step against Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) by telling officials in one province not to use Windows 8 software, marking an escalation in the dispute with the U.S. over spying and hacking allegations. Jiangsu province, south of Shanghai, canceled purchases of computers running the software in February after receiving a government notification, according

Federal Agents Seek to Loosen Rules on Hacking Computers

 The top U.S. law-enforcement agency wants to give investigators greater leeway to secretly access suspected criminals’ computers in bunches, not simply one at a time. The Justice Department says the proposal, set to be made public today, is an attempt to keep up with technology that lets people hide identities online. Privacy advocates contend the

Microsoft to Warn Users of Government Requests for Information

 Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will start giving users more information about government requests for data, seeking to provide greater transparency and reassure consumers about how their activities are being monitored. “Microsoft is updating its policy to expand routine notification of users about government requests for data, unless specifically prohibited by law,” Kathy Roeder, a spokeswoman for