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Major Trump Critic Joins The Donald In Attacking House Freedom Caucus

Ulysses Arn, Red State Politics can create the strangest of bedfellows and nothing could be stranger than seeing one of the leading critics of everything Donald Trump did and said during the 2016 election cycle joining forces with President temper tantrum to attack the House Freedom Caucus for derailing the fraudulent Obamacare repeal and replacement

House GOP tweaks health care bill with eye to helping seniors

House Republican leaders announced proposed changes to their health care overhaul late Monday in an effort to shore up support from the GOP’s rank-and-file ahead of an expected floor vote later this week.  The bill’s 43-page “manager’s amendment” is aimed at placating Republicans unhappy that nonpartisan analysts said the legislation would drive up costs for

Senate & House Conservatives Oppose ‘Obamacare Lite’ Legislation; Have Better Replacement

Frank Camp, Ever since the American Health Care Act was introduced by House Republicans, conservatives have been blasting it as “Obamacare Lite.” Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro recently wrote about the bill’s five most critical faults. It “retains requirements that insurance cover people with pre-existing conditions,” making insurance into a “piggy bank” rather than a

Trump lashes out at latest travel ban ruling: ‘It makes us look weak!’

President Trump slammed a Hawaii federal judge who halted his revised travel ban from going into effect Wednesday, saying the ruling was “unprecedented judicial overreach.” “This ruling makes us look weak,” Trump thundered at a rally in Nashville, Tenn., before vowing that he would “fight this terrible ruling … as far as it needs to

PATHETIC: University Removes Scale From Gym After ‘Triggering’ Students

Amanda Prestigiacomo, Social Justice Warriors have placed their crosshairs on the ever-triggering scale, which makes perfect sense since scales inform us of objective facts and we all know how the left feels about those. Carleton University has made the decision to remove the weight scale from their campus gym after a student complained about being “triggered” by the device … which, presumably, she chose to

Doing Your Part to Cultivate Civil Dialogue

Terry Paulson, In The National, Joseph Dana wrote: “Social media encourages aggressive discourse. The louder one is on Twitter, for example, the more followers and attention one receives. The more dramatic the update on Facebook, the more ‘likes’ it will get. Given the brevity of Twitter and its inherent commodification of discourse, deep discussion is discouraged. As such,