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Is Trump right that Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan?

Marc Thiessen, The following column originally appeared on, the blog of the American Enterprise Institute. In an interview with ABC News, President Donald Trump talked about the “carnage” taking place in Chicago, declaring, “Afghanistan is not like what’s happening in Chicago. People are being shot left and right.  Thousands of people over a short

Rep. Peter King: Intel Community May Be Carrying Out ‘Disinformation Campaign’ to ‘Discredit’ Trump

Amanda Prestigiacomo, On Wednesday night, New York Congressman Peter King appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File to discuss the alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election via hacking. King was not convinced, to say the least, that the motive of the hacking was to get Donald Trump elected, as it has been suggested, explaining that there

Fiery Kelly-Gingrich interview lights up social media

A contentious interview between Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich burned up the Internet Wednesday morning. Gingrich, a surrogate for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, took offense when Kelly, host of “The Kelly File,” raised accusations from multiple women that Trump had groped them in the past. “If Trump is

Ben Carson says ‘integrity’ of voting system should be looked at

Former Republican presidential candidate and current Trump adviser Dr. Ben Carson said Monday on “The Kelly File” that the nation’s voting system’s should be looked at amid allegations of potential fraud, while hitting the media for coverage over WikiLeaks revelations. “We should be looking at the integrity of our voting system,” Carson told Megyn Kelly,

Clinton campaign spokeswoman mocked Catholics, evangelicals in 2011 email exchange

A top spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign mocked Catholics and evangelical Christians in a 2011 email exchange exposed by WikiLeaks this week. In the exchange reported Tuesday night on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File“, Jennifer Palmieri, now the Clinton campaign’s director of communications, says that politically conservative Catholics “think [Roman Catholicism] is the

ObamaCare architect on defense over rising premiums, blames Republicans

ObamaCare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel sought Wednesday to defend the embattled health care law he helped design, in a contentious interview with Fox News where he tried to pin the blame for rising premiums on Republican lawmakers.   Speaking with “The Kelly File,” Emanuel acknowledged premium hikes in some markets are a “problem” that needs

Huckabee says ‘Trump’s gotta be Trump’ in final weeks of campaign

Former presidential candidate and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Monday on “The Kelly File” that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump should resist calls to shift his messaging in the final weeks of the campaign. “I think Trump’s gotta be Trump,” he told Megyn Kelly. In the wake of the New York Times report containing an

Assange slams ‘incredible politicization’ of media covering campaign

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange criticized the U.S. media Thursday for what he called “incredible politicization” in its coverage of the presidential election. Last month, a trove of Democratic National Committee emails leaked on the eve of the party’s convention revealed a bias against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and led to the resignation of

Trump defends tone, says bid will be ˜complete waste’ if he doesn’t win

Donald Trump, in an extensive interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, responded to critics of his barbed campaign style by saying he never would have been successful in the primary race if he had acted “presidential” and held back on hitting his political rivals – while declaring that if he doesn’t win the election this

Trump to Megyn Kelly: ‘I’m a counter-puncher’

Donald Trump, in an extensive interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, defended his tone and tenor on the campaign trail, saying he’s a “counter-puncher” who’s only responding to the attacks against him. “I’m a counter-puncher,” Trump said. “I respond pretty strongly, but in just about all cases I’ve been responding to what they did to

Megyn Kelly will interview Donald Trump on Fox TV special

Fox News host Megyn Kelly will interview Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a Fox TV special to air next month.  The GOP presidential front-runner will be a guest on “Megyn Kelly Presents,” a prime-time special airing May 17 on Fox TV. Extended portions of the sit-down interview will also appear on “The Kelly File”

Sharpton Ruins Man’s Life, Doesn’t Care

PoliZette Staff, Refuses to apologize for maligning Officer Darren Wilson despite DOJ’s finding of no guilt or racial animus. The Reverend Al Sharpton just isn’t making sense. Worse, he seems to have a blatant disregard for the life of a former police officer — who today can’t find a job, has not been rehired, and