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GOP senators unveil ObamaCare replacement bill

Two Republican senators on Monday unveiled one of the first ObamaCare replacement bills of the new Congress — a state-centric plan they admit is imperfect but describe as a tangible start to overhauling the 2010 health care law on a bipartisan basis.  “We recognize that our bill is not perfect,” said Maine Sen. Susan Collins,

Senate rejects Gun-Control measures after Orlando shooting

The U.S. Senate on Monday rejected four measures restricting gun sales after last week’s massacre in an Orlando nightclub, dealing a bitter setback to advocates who have failed to get even modest gun curbs through Congress despite repeated mass shootings. A group of senators was still hoping to forge a compromise for later in the

Senate rejects first two of four gun-control measures

The U.S. Senate blocked Republican and Democratic proposals on background checks on gun purchases, the first two of four measures to curb guns that senators are expected to reject on Monday after last week’s mass shooting in an Orlando nightclub. All four of the measures to expand background checks on gun buyers and curb gun

Mitch McConnell Should Be a Democrat

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that Donald Trump needs to pick an experienced running mate because “he doesn’t know a lot about the issues” and strongly urged him to change course on his rhetoric. In an extraordinarily frank interview with Bloomberg Politics’ Masters in Politics podcast, McConnell, who is on a book tour touting his

Republican House Speaker Ryan backs Trump, Endorsement after long courtship

Paul Ryan, the top elected Republican, ended a long period of soul-searching and endorsed Donald Trump for president on Thursday, a step toward unifying party loyalists behind the insurgent candidate despite concerns about his candidacy. Ryan had been a high-profile holdout to supporting Trump for the Nov. 8 presidential election out of concern about the

Jab at Trump? McConnell ‘optimistic’ about contested convention #OnlyTrump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in an implicit jab at Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump, said he is “increasingly optimistic” that voting at the Republican National Convention in July will go to a second ballot. The comments, made over the weekend to WHAS-TV in Louisville, represent a break of sorts for the Kentucky Republican who

Anti-gun forces shift to ‘small-ball’ efforts

Pressure now will move to private sector  Democrats in Congress, following the lead of President Obama, are now playing small ball on gun control after their post-Newtown hopes of significant legislation were dashed. Capitol Hill Democrats are now focusing on modest moves, such as funding gun-violence prevention and calling for “smart guns” that only authorized