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The Taliban Got Back Their Terrorists Now Castro Wants His

 It didn’t take long. Exactly two days after the announcement of the Berghal/Taliban-Five deal, Cuba’s Terror-Sponsoring (official classification by U.S. State Dept.) regime started clamoring for an Alan Gross/Cuban-Five deal. Alan Gross is a Jewish American held hostage by the Castro regime since December 2009 when he was arrested while distributing computers and satellite phones

Putin’s Well-Worn Fascist Lies

Jonah Goldberg  Vladimir Putin, with the aid of his vast propaganda machinery, has convinced many Russians that the interim government in Ukraine is expressly Nazi and fascist. And while there were some neo-Nazi goons among the protesters who brought down the corrupt government of Victor Yanukovich, and there are definitely ultranationalists among the coalition resisting

Ukraine Separatists Hold Ground as U.S. Eyes Sanctions

 Shootouts in eastern Ukraine over the weekend led to calls for more U.S. economic sanctions against Russia, as a diplomatic accord aimed at defusing the crisis showed little sign of taking hold. Ukrainian and Russian officials traded accusations over responsibility for tensions that escalated since last week’s signing of an agreement in Geneva that sought

Judge Jeanine: Obama’s œContract is œNull and Void (Click to Watch)

Judge Jeanine has really been on point lately.  She’s using her platform on Fox News to go after Obama on every part of his disastrous presidency: his lies, his hypocrisy, and his foreign policy. In her latest rant, she went after Obama for committing “fraud” in his attempt to get reelected by misrepresenting what would

11 quotes that will shock: highest-ranking Soviet bloc intel officer to ever defect

Author: Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa  Gulag Note: Let us pay attention to what this special Soviet defector says, but not presume he knows all the essentials about the big picture. – AW Yesterday we released an explosive interview with Romanian Lt. Gen. Ion Pacepa, in connection with the release of his most-recent title “Disinformation:

Russian Official: Obama is a Communist KGB Agent


  A Russian government official bragged that Barack Obama was a KGB operative and that his presidency had been planned since birth, an American physicist and government contractor reports. Tom Fife, an American computer networking specialist and international businessman, reported the alarming facts about the Kremlin’s connection to Barack Obama. The boast from a Communist