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The Case Against LBJ for Murdering JFK

W. Green, I’ve been following this JFK assassination from day one. And I like many Americans my responses evolved from shocked, to relieved (when they found the “assassin”), to shocked and relieved (when they killed the “assassin”), to dismayed when the Warren Report was issued, to outraged when the mysterious deaths of witnesses occurred, and

Pat Buchanan: Is the Left Playing with Fire Again?

Pat Buchanan, To those who lived through that era that tore us apart in the ’60s and ’70s, it is starting to look like “deja vu all over again.”        And as Adlai Stevenson, Bobby Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey did then, Democrats today like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are pandering to the

America, meet your new dealmaker-in-chief — Donald Trump

Liz Peek, Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared on the website of The Fiscal Times.   Think Donald Trump is a one-off? Not quite — in many ways, he appears a successor to LBJ. Following the unprecedented election of Donald J. Trump, many continue to look for precedents. The real estate magnate’s intervention with

Mike Adams: Give Peace a Chance

Mike Adams, Yesterday, I received a letter from a reader urging me to show more grace and compassion towards Black Lives Matter (BLM) – a group I have sharply criticized in recent weeks. The reader claimed that the group is simply misguided and has merely “drifted off course” in its short three-year existence. She specifically

Goldwater’s Convention, History and Trump #VoteTrump

Ron Wolk, For moderate Republicans worried that their party is being hijacked by an extremist, here is a story from 1964 that may (or may not) be of some comfort.  The party’s apparent choice, Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, was no Donald Trump, but he was a far-right maverick, and he was rallying millions of Americans

They Lost China, and Iran, and Iraq, and Libya, and Afghanistan and Pakistan and…

 A victory beyond the wildest dreams of Osama bin Laden is within reach of fighters from ISIL, a group of which he would likely approve regardless of what current Al Qaeda leadership says about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. And it’s all Obama’s fault. “Iraqi troops battled to dislodge an al Qaeda

The slow decline of America since LBJ launched the Great Society

George Will  Standing on his presidential limousine, Lyndon Johnson, campaigning in Providence, R.I., in September 1964, bellowed through a bullhorn: “We’re in favor of a lot of things and we’re against mighty few.” This was a synopsis of what he had said four months earlier. Fifty years ago this Thursday, at the University of Michigan, Johnson had

Argument Against Voter ID Laws Is Itself Racist

Richard Larsen  Attorney General Eric Holder has been attempting to quell the rising tide of states opting for voter identification laws. Not even delving deeply into the issue raises the immediate question of why the top law enforcement officer in the country would be opposing efforts to maintain integrity in our election system. A government