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Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. to head Trump education task force

Evangelical Christian leader Jerry Falwell Jr. will head an education reform task force under U.S. President Donald Trump and is keen to cut university regulations, including rules on dealing with campus sexual assault, the school he heads said. Falwell, the son of the late televangelist Jerry Falwell Sr., was described by Trump as “one of

Falwell says Trump offered him education secretary job

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. says President elect-Donald Trump offered him the job of education secretary, but that he turned it down for personal reasons. Falwell tells The Associated Press that Trump offered him the job last week during a meeting in New York. He says Trump wanted a four- to six-year commitment, but

4 Reasons Christians Should Care About Politics

David Closson, During the course of a presidential campaign, it is common to hear evangelicals, especially younger ones, quip, “I’m just not that interested in politics,” or, “Politics just aren’t my thing.” These dismissive remarks are often delivered with a veneer of piousness implying that political engagement is inherently defiled, occupying an arena unfit for

Donald Trump polling stronger with evangelicals than Mitt Romney four years ago

Donald Trump does not speak often about his Christian faith, but it’s not a problem for many evangelical voters. A new poll released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center shows that 78 percent of white evangelical voters would vote for Trump if the election were held today. That’s higher than the 73 percent of evangelicals

Trump Campaign Announces Evangelical Executive Advisory Board

Today, the Donald J. Trump campaign announced a new executive board convened to provide advisory support to Mr. Trump on those issues important to Evangelicals and other people of faith in America. The executive board will also lead a much larger Faith and Cultural Advisory Committee to be announced later this month. The leaders on

West Virginia Governor Moo-ves on Lawmaker’s Raw Milk Bill

Dustin Siggins,  West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) signed a bill legalizing the consumption of raw milk, opening up a way for consumers to avoid the state’s economic restrictions on sales between farmers and foodies. Lawmakers passed Senate Bill 387 in February, and Tomblin signed it into law in March. State agriculture laws still

Christian School Kicks Out 8-Year-Old Girl For Looking Too Much Like A Boy

Christian school pressures 8-year-old ‘tomboy’ to transfer FOREST, Va. – Eight-year-old Sunnie Kahle likes to keep her hair short, wear boys’ clothes, collect hunting knives and shoot her BB gun. “She’s a pure, 100 percent tomboy,” said her great-grandfather Carroll Thompson, who along with his wife Doris adopted their granddaughter’s child. But to Timberlake Christian