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Weak Idea at Bernie’s: Bureaucrats Should Not Negotiate Drug Prices

Devon Herrick, Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings — along with a few other liberal Members of Congress — want to change the way Medicare purchases drugs for seniors. Even President Trump has perpetuated the idea that having the government negotiate prices directly with drug makers would lower Medicare’s drug costs. It is a

Trump Adviser: No Neocon Shift, ‘Not the Bush Administration’

Edmund Kozak, Gorka says president made pragmatic call on Syrian strike, suggests little risk of escalation. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, said on Friday morning that President Donald Trump’s populist supporters need not fear that the decision to strike a Syrian government target last week represents an embrace of neoconservatism. “It’s not a modification,”

Pelosi: Republicans Should Tell Trump He’s ‘Bringing Dishonor’ to the Presidency

Trent Baker, House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” called on “some adults in the Republican Party” stand up to President Donald Trump and tell him that he is “bringing dishonor” to the presidency. “[W]e have a crazy system here where we have a president who is tweeting things on

Watch Bill Maher Eviscerate Hillary Clinton

Chase Stephens, Left wing provocateur Bill Maher is not one to holster an opinion, even if it upsets many of his Democrat comrades.  Case in point: his latest rant (below) delivered on Friday’s episode of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher in which he took the twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to task for once again putting her personal ambition above

Xi-it: How Trump can win the summit with China this week

John Moody, By the time he welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping to Mar-a-Lago this week, President Trump will have a briefcase full of notes about what topics he should raise. Many take just two words: North Korea, fair trade, currency manipulation, patent theft, cyber assault. Two words he should utter, but probably won’t: rare earths.