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Congressman Lou Barletta’s Bill To Defund Sanctuary Cities

Michael Cutler, Getting the new year off to a great start. Time and again our elected political “representatives” on all levels of government have acted in ways that failed to truly represent the best interests of America and Americans. Time and again my articles have focused on my frustration and anger over how all too

Noteable Statements On Trump’s Debate Victory

Rudy Giuliani Statement On Donald J. Trump’s Debate Victory “Tonight’s debate was a great victory for Mr. Trump. During the debate, Mr. Trump showed the type of Reagan-esque leadership and vision this nation needs right now. Mr. Trump’s performance was in sharp contrast to Hillary Clinton, who showed as much ignorance to the law as

House passes bill to aid children born into opioid dependency

The House of Representatives on Wednesday unanimously passed legislation to improve safety planning for children who are born dependent on opioid drugs.  A similar bill is pending in the Senate. It is one of more than a dozen new measures that are aimed at addressing a U.S. epidemic of addiction to pain pills and cheap

Trump garners two more endorsements in U.S. Congress

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Thursday won endorsements from two more U.S. Congress members as he battled to be his party’s nominee. Of the 300 Republicans in Congress – 246 in the House of Representatives and 54 in the Senate – Trump now had the explicit support of 11 with the newly announced public

Trump Looks to Seal the Deal

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump looked beyond an expected primary victory in his home state of New York on Tuesday, sending a top strategist to meet with congressional lawmakers as he chases the delegates needed to win the party nomination. In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton was hoping her own expected home-state victory in New