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Trump fires back a Democratic Rep. Lewis’ not ‘legitimate president’ comment

Donald Trump fired back Saturday at Rep. John Lewis for arguing that he won’t be a legitimate president, saying the Democratic congressman should focus more on fixing his troubled Georgia district. “Lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district, which is in horrible shape and falling apart,” Trump tweeted. Lewis, a leader

11 Democrats Who Vow To RESIST Trump!

Aaron Bandler, The stunning upset victory of President-elect Donald Trump was clearly too much to take for many leftist Democrats. Unwilling to accept Trump as the legitimate president, a number of them have pledged to resist Trump at all costs. Below are 11 Democrats who have vowed to lead the “resistance” against the democratically elected president. 1. Rep. Barbara

Hillary: Americans Who Want to Limit Immigration Are ‘Fundamentally UnAmerican’

Julia Hahn, Breitbart Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American,” according to the leaked transcript of her private October 2013 speech made public by WikiLeaks. Clinton’s statement is significant because it suggests that, according to polling data, Clinton views an overwhelming majority of the American electorate