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Lyin Ted Cruz

Trump Wins in Indiana, looks like Republican favorite

Republican front-runner Donald Trump scored an important victory over rival Ted Cruz in Indiana on Tuesday, a win that moves him close to being unstoppable in his march to the party’s presidential nomination. The New York billionaire was quickly projected to be the winner by television networks shortly after polling places closed in the Midwestern

Donald Trump looks ahead to general election at Maryland rally #AmericaFirst

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump decried what he called a “rigged” primary system, but focused mainly on the general election as he campaigned for the first time in Maryland on Wednesday — a state with the potential to help clear his path to the GOP nomination. Fresh off a landslide victory Tuesday in New York,

Byron York: For Donald Trump, two outrage-free weeks #AlwaysTrump

Byron York, It’s not an accident. When it comes to outrageousness, Donald Trump has dialed it back, on purpose. And indications from Trump world are that the new pattern will continue. (An obvious warning: It might not; by the time this article appears, it’s always possible Trump could do or say something so shocking that

The tabloid campaign: The Enquirer, Cruz, Trump and the media’s dilemma

Howard Kurtz, When the National Enquirer first published a 2007 story on John Edwards’ “shocking mistress scandal,” the mainstream media ignored it, in part because the story was weak and the woman wasn’t named. The same thing happened months later when the tabloid said that Edwards had fathered a love child. The media could still