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The General and the President

Judge Andrew Napolitano, This is a tale of FBI power misused and presidential trust misplaced. Last week, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s confidant on matters pertaining to national security from June 2015 to February 2017 and his short-lived national security adviser in the White House, pleaded guilty in federal court in Washington,

Raging Feminist who Attacked Spicer Needs to Learn Manners

Todd Starnes, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was in an Apple store over the weekend – just minding his business when he was set upon by a raging liberal — a foaming at the mouth feminist. identified Mr. Spicer’s attacker as Shree Chauhan, a former educator and a child of Indian immigrants. She filmed

Trump Roasts Pelosi, Schumer for Russian Hypocrisy

Jim Stinson, Top Democrats pushing Sessions hysteria caught schmoozing Kremlin officials.  President Donald Trump hammered his top two political adversaries in Congress Friday for what he called hypocritical Russian outrage, posting pictures of them with top Kremlin officials. Taking aim at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer first, Trump posted a picture of the Democratic senator from New York and

Trump slams Pelosi, Schumer as Russia meeting pics emerge

President Trump got to work exacting revenge Friday on top Democratic lawmakers for demanding his attorney general’s resignation over past meetings with Russia’s ambassador — after pictures emerged of the same lawmakers in similar meetings, exposing them to “hypocrisy” charges.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in particular, has egg on her face after she

How HB2 Can Help Flush Out Bad Recruits

Mike Adams, In a recent Associated Press article, UNC President Margaret Spellings was quoted as saying that North Carolina’s controversial HB2 “bathroom bill” is causing academics to avoid taking jobs in the UNC system. She went on to conclude that this was hurting our efforts to recruit competent faculty. President Spellings is probably correct in

Obama Spokesman Twists Self Into Giant Pretzel of Hypocrisy #FakeNews

Lying for a living can’t be good for your soul. Or your sense of reality. Obama spokescreature, Josh Earnest, has been lying for Obama. And now as the end of his tenure approaches, he’s found a whole new way to twist his reality and morality into a pretzel. The issue is Obama’s pardon of Bradley

LISTEN: Rep. Lewis Said Republicans Are Worse Than ‘Dogs And Water Hoses In The Street’

Elliott Hamilton, Representative John Lewis, who heroically fought for civil rights fifty years ago, made waves about his decision to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration as well as calling Trump an “illegitimate president.” That sparked a firestorm with the President-elect, who told him to focus more on his district instead of “complaining about election results.” The media

Dan Rather Lectures Media On ‘Lying.’ Yes, Really #FakeNews

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, the man who epitomizes fake news, seriously lectured the media on calling out lies. Rather was irked by Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker saying on NBC’s Meet The Press that journalists should use the word “lie” with caution when it comes to vetting President-elect Donald Trump’s statements. “‘Lie’ implies