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Every 33 Seconds An Immigrant Is Added to US

Leah Barkoukis,  The United States’ population will increase by one person every 17 seconds, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population projections for the new year. These stats come from projections that show there will be a new birth in the U.S. every eight seconds, a death every 11 seconds, and a new immigrant (legal

Donald Trump really needs to get a dog

Lauren Wright, Election Day 2016 brought surprises and firsts. Donald Trump will be the only president in U.S. history with no military or political experience and the oldest and richest president ever sworn into office. Melania Trump might be the first of all the first ladies to telecommute. But one first has seldom been mentioned:

Trump will be a consensus builder who can help fix Washington and improve the economy

Billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn said the strong rally in U.S. stocks since Donald Trump captured the White House last week might be overdone, but that investors can expect the president-elect to be a consensus builder who can help fix Washington and improve the economy. “When it runs up like this, I scale off a

Obama commutes sentences for 72 more inmates, brings total to 944

The president has commuted 170 sentences in the last two weeks. President Barack Obama continues to widen the gap between himself and all other American presidents when it comes to commuting prisoners’ sentences that the president believes are unjustly excessive. Obama commuted the terms of 72 more federal inmates on Friday, the White House announced.

Donald Trump: “Our Faith in God Will Lead Us Back to Unity”

Justin Holcomb,  Washington, D.C.– Republican nominee Donald Trump addressed the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday, saying that religious liberty and trust in God will unite a divided America. He began his speech by reminding the audience of a bill passed under President Lyndon Johnson that bans religious leaders from supporting candidates or formally

Ken Blackwell: What’s Wrong with Honest Elections?

Again state legislatures have approved new rules to prevent election fraud. Again federal courts have struck the laws down. Much of America’s political and legal establishment is resolutely opposed to election integrity. It makes you wonder what they believe democracy is all about. Obviously, there is no excuse for racial discrimination. But protecting elections against

Momentum Is With Trump As Hillary Is Stranded At the Gate of Liberalism

CONRAD BLACK, The last of the endless refuges of the Never Trump brigades were vacated as the once unthinkable Trump campaign departed Cleveland victorious. All the claims that there would be an anti-Trump coup attempt by procedural experts at the convention, or a fractured party and a third candidate, or a political disaster that would

African-Americans should start voting for Republicans, again

Peter Morici, President Obama and the Democratic Party have failed African-Americans, and it no longer serves their interest to reliably support either Hillary Clinton or the party. From Reconstruction to the Great Depression, African-Americans were strongly aligned with the GOP, recognizing Abraham Lincoln’s role in ending slavery and the virulent segregationist policies championed by southern

Socialism and Violence: Exploring an inseparable link

Jack Kerwick,   Many are the facts that the national media refuses to address.  One such fact is that concerning the pattern of violence that’s emerged on the part of the supporters of self-declared “socialist,” Bernie Sanders. In addition to the fact that they conflict wildly with those held, traditionally, by Americans generally, socialists hold

Get Ready for U.S. Politics to Reach New Lows

Albert R. Hunt Americans may need to bring in the kids; the presidential election promises to get ugly, a race to the bottom. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both arouse strong passions, many of them negative. Both play tough. She is a policy wonk, but Trump has little interest in a wide-ranging debate on issues.