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Ted and John Driving Off the Cliff in a GOP Convertible

John Kass, Coward that I am, I’ve always been afraid to watch that old movie “Thelma and Louise.” What stopped me was that car, the one they drove off the cliff together while holding hands, that gorgeous turquoise 1966 Thunderbird convertible hurtling into oblivion. Such a sweet ride didn’t deserve ending up at the bottom

Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot to Distract from IRS, NSA, DOJ and Benghazi Scandals

Doug Giles Last Friday afternoon the president injected himself into the Trayvon/Zimmerman mix again by doing what he excels at, namely, increasing the racial divide, blaming the “white Hispanic,” condemning guns and upbraiding essentially everyone but the stoned and violent truant named, Trayvon. Look, I don’t fault Obama for stirring the Trayvon pot again. Hell,