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Ted Cruz Is Fuming Because John Kasich Won’t Bow Out

MADISON, Wis. — Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, eyeing a victory here that could reshape the race for the Republican presidential nomination, has appeared most vexed by a rival he views as more of a long-term nuisance than a short-term threat: Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. As Mr. Cruz looks beyond Wisconsin, where he is

If You Live In Wisconsin Please Get Out To The Polls Today, America Needs Your #Vote

Today is Election Day! 2016 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Vote. Don’t Forget Wisconsin now requires a photo ID to Vote. Find Resources Here MADISON, WI – For the first time, Wisconsin’s veterans can use a photo ID card issued by the Veterans Health Administration to get a ballot when they vote on April 5.

Cruz warns GOP of voter Ëśrevolt’ against alternative nominee

Katie Glueck, MADISON, Wis. — Ted Cruz on Monday warned Republicans against drafting an alternative nominee at this summer’s national convention, hoping to shoot down the possibility even as speculation mounts that the party establishment is looking for another option. “It ain’t going to happen,” the Texas senator insisted to reporters here before speaking at

Benefits of government work

This article originally appeared on MD Kittle  MADISON, Wis. — Liberals have spent the past two election cycles frothing at the mouth about “equal pay,” as Mitt Romney’s former deputy campaign manager Katie Packer Gage put it, trying to “paint Republicans as backward cavemen” on the issue as part of their so-called “War on Women.” But you