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A Note To The Jews: Be Prepared To Fight Back

Tony Katz  Last week in Ukraine, leaflets were being disseminated saying Jews were required to register with the government or face being thrown out of the country and their possessions seized. More and more, they have been debunked as a hoax. Jews in America, and worldwide, should nonetheless take this seriously, and recognize that –

Clean Slate: Bloomberg Attempts Fresh Start With New Gun Control Group

Comes months after MAIG gun confiscation agenda exposed Gun rights activists who’ve fought back against former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s repeated efforts to infringe on the Second Amendment can revel in a mild victory. Today the billionaire announced he would invest $50 million merging his embattled Mayors Against Illegal Guns group with his

Bloomberg Group Flips Over Gun Confiscation Leak

Poughkeepsie mayor accused of making “false claims,” but Infowars investigation shows group’s goal is to ban guns  Three members from billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun control coalition issued a retort defending their anti-Second Amendment efforts and countering Poughkeepsie Mayor John Tkazyik’s remarks that the group’s ultimate goal is firearm confiscation from law-abiding gun owners. “We were