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The Ship of State Isn’t Sinking, It Just Needs a Little Course Correction

D.W. Wilber, Contrary to all the doom and gloom being spewed out by the Democrats and their allies in the mostly corrupt American news media, the Trump administration isn’t in disarray, nor is it already sinking in a sea of scandal in only its first month. As with any new administration there will be ‘hiccups’

The tax reform flip-flop Trump desperately needs to make

David Smick, President Trump and the Republican Congressional leadership are following the lead of their rank and file. They are making their first priority the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare. That is a mistake. Health care reform is complicated. Arriving at a replacement plan will not happen quickly or easily. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is

Trump Begins Transfer of Power from Wall Street to Main Street

Rachel Marsden, PARIS — One of President Donald Trump’s first orders of business on his first Monday in office was to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal with Asian nations that would have shipped American jobs overseas and dragged down the global value of labor to the benefit of Wall Street oligarchs. The move suggests that

Federal Reserve Maintains Out-of-Touch Predictions

Dan Celia, This week, St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard indicated in a speech that President-elect Donald Trump’s economic plans are more about 2018-19, because “snapping your fingers,” he said, can’t produce instant change. The problem with most of the Fed’s presidents, and the Federal Reserve itself, is that they live in an insulated

Small-business optimism soars after Trump election

Optimism on Main Street continues to soar in the wake of the election of Donald Trump. The National Federation of Independent Business’ read on small-business sentiment for December hit its highest level since 2004, thanks to a sunnier outlook for business conditions. The NFIB’s index increased by 7.4 points in December to 105.8, up from

Reasons Things Are Looking Up

Dan Celia, Americans certainly have many reasons to be optimistic about 2017, starting with the markets and the economy. After all, according to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, post-election investor optimism hit a nine-year high during the month of November. This cannot be solely credited to the election, but it is the third-straight

You Can’t Drain the Swamp by Giving the Clintons a Pass

Timothy Daughtry, In putting out the word that he does not wish to pursue investigations of the Clintons, President-elect Trump has already triggered concerns among supporters who are fed up with hearing one thing on the campaign trail and seeing another once their candidate gets to Washington. The promise to drain the swamp was essential

Trump says 70 percent of federal regulations ‘can go’

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said as many as 70 percent of federal agency regulations could be eliminated if he is elected in November, just hours after an adviser said the candidate would seek to cut 10 percent. Trump, who blamed regulations for stifling business, told a crowd at a town hall event in

Dodd-Frank and the Durbin Amendment Could Finally Go Down in Flames

Steve Sherman, Dodd-Frank has been a behemoth of costly red-tape and an elephant sitting atop American business since is passing. Could that finally be coming to an end? An opportunity to lighten the load could be voted on in the House Financial Services Committee as early as this week. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) has been