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To Make America Great Again, Paul Ryan and John McCain Both Must Go

Republicans, particularly conservative Republicans, are none too happy with the recent RyanCare debacle that offered up a version of Obamacare-light but did nothing to actually allow free market powers to reduce the cost of healthcare, increase choice, and free Americans from the disastrous burdens imposed on them by the Obama regime. Ryan had years to

Let’s join together to give President Trump a chance to lead #PresidentsDay

Terry Paulson, America seems to be in big trouble. Not only are there demonstrations that at times turn violent and destructive, differences are impacting families and friendships that previously have weathered many divisive elections. It may not yet be a red vs blue civil war, but anger is real. Disagreement has given way to distance

Media’s Previous Treatment of Trump is the Best Evidence His Latest Charge is Correct

John Ziegler, As President Trump’s hope for a successful launch of his quest to “Make America Great Again” appears to be dimming with each passing day that it is dominated more by scandal than accomplishment, he has intensified his war with the news media. As I and many others have often noted, this is all

Trump’s Plan to Shift to Territorial Tax System Will Make America Great Again

Steve Sherman, It’s been a whirlwind of action since President Donald Trump took his seat in the oval office.  Love him or hate him, he has turned the much-derided executive order on its head. Signing orders at a breakneck pace and with the stroke of a pen, he has fulfilled many of his campaign promises.

Corporate Bullying has Arrived

Tom Tradup, Nordstrom says it will stop selling Ivanka Trump clothing and accessories, creating some questions about the future of the brand elsewhere. That innocuous headline caught my eye Friday, because it confirmed the arrival of what FOX Business Network and SRN financial commentator Lou Dobbs brilliantly calls “Corporate Bullying.” Naturally, Seattle-based Nordstrom stores won’t

Vast Majority of Voters Say Trump Right: DC Establishment Screwing Americans

Adan Salazar | Infowars, #MAGA New poll show citizens desperate to Make America Great Again. Most US voters are in agreement with newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump’s contention that the Washington DC establishment benefits political insiders more than American citizens. A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports says 72 percent of “likely US voters” agree with a

The Best Presidential Transition In American History #Trump45

Jeff Crouere, In his inaugural address, our nation’s 45th President delivered a powerful populist message that reiterated many of the favorite themes from his successful campaign. Obviously, our new President was sincere during his campaign and did not just recite popular themes to elicit votes. He does intend to give power back to the American

Trump marks Inauguration Eve with ceremony and celebration

Vowing to make America “greater than ever before,” President-elect Donald Trump rallied cheering supporters at the Lincoln Memorial Thursday evening just hours away from taking the oath of office.  “This is a movement that has never been seen like this, anywhere in the world,” Trump told a crowd of thousands, gathered to see not only

Great Once Again

Governor Matt Bevin, This week our nation will experience a wonderful American political tradition, as we witness the peaceful transfer of executive power. The new President will assume office riding a wave of voter enthusiasm not seen since Reagan. For an accurate barometer of that enthusiasm, one should look beyond even the popular vote totals

Special Inaugural Celebrations, Ticketing to Public Events #Trump45

WASHINGTON, D.C., The Presidential Inaugural Committee announced two special inaugural celebrations, free and open to the public, which will be held on Thursday, January 19, 2017. These events will allow the American people to witness history and tickets are not required for admittance to events on the National Mall, including the celebrations and the public

Troll Fail: Alec Baldwin’s Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat Is Mistranslated

Matt Vespa, Christine wrote about actor Alec Baldwin’s attempt to troll President-elect Donald Trump with a “Make America Great Again” hat that’s in Russian. It’s an obvious swipe at Trump for the reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin ran a coordinated effort to influence the 2016 election in order to tilt the scales in favor

The 58th Presidential Inauguration Information for #PresidentTrump

On January 20, 2017, we will celebrate a new day in America as Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence are sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States of America at the 58th Presidential Inauguration, once again establishing a government of, by and for the people, as we, the people, Make