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Hillary’s ‘Future Is Female’ Femme-A-Goguery

Michelle Malkin, All that was missing from Hillary Clinton’s video address to a left-wing women’s group this week was a pink pussyhat and a “BOYS SUCK” T-shirt. Feminists at the MAKERS conference in Southern California gushed over the twice-failed presidential candidate’s remarks, which exhorted her ideological sisters-in-arms to “be bold,” “step up and speak out,”

Hillary Clinton releases video statement: ‘Future is female’

RANCHOS PALOS VERDES, Calif. –  Hillary Clinton says “the future is female” in a new video statement. The former Democratic presidential nominee cites as an example the millions of demonstrators who took part in last month’s Women’s March. The video was made for the MAKERS Conference, a California gathering focused on women’s leadership.   Welcome to The