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Flight 370 Search Gains Vessel With Black Box-Detector

 Australian ship Ocean Shield will join the hunt for the missing Malaysian jet after being fitted with equipment to detect black-box recorders, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott said there was no time limit on the search. Ten aircraft and 10 ships from nations including China, Japan, the U.S., New Zealand, Malaysia and South Korea will

Unbelievable: Flight 370 Searchers Identify Recovered Objects as Trash

 Searchers for Malaysian Air Flight 370 said objects retrieved from the Indian Ocean are rubbish with no evidence they are related to the missing plane as the hunt for the jetliner enters its fourth week. The items recovered were “fishing equipment and flotsam,” Andrea Hayward-Maher, a spokeswoman for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, said by

Ships Recover Unidentified Objects in Flight 370 Search

 Australian and Chinese ships recovered unidentified objects from the Indian Ocean as planes spotted more items in the search for Malaysian Air Flight 370. Australia’s HMAS Success and China’s Haixun 01 retrieved “a number of objects from the ocean but so far no objects confirmed to be related” to the missing plane, the Australian Maritime

The latest Updates on Mystery of Missing Malaysian Jet, Tracked to Ocean Off Australia

 The last satellite transmission from a Malaysian airliner missing for a week has been traced to the Indian Ocean off Australia, far from where searches have taken place, according to a person familiar with the analysis. A path from Malaysia to the ocean off Australia would have taken as much as 3,000 miles, about the

Malaysia Widens Hunt as India Questions Andaman Sea Focus

 Malaysia widened the search for the missing Flight 370, pushing the hunt farther east and west, while India questioned the idea of a crash in the Andaman Sea region that was a focus of earlier patrols. Continuous radar coverage close to the Andaman Islands would have picked up the plane, and India’s navy is confident

Vietnam Fails to Find Missing Airliners Debris After China Satellite Images

 Vietnam failed to find debris in an area where Chinese satellite images showed three floating objects, while a report said a missing Malaysian airliner may have been airborne for several hours after it vanished. A Vietnamese plane sent this morning to search the area where the Chinese satellite spotted floating objects didn’t find anything, said

Malaysia Probes Radar Blip Detected Away From Jet’s Route

Malaysia is investigating an unexplained radar blip detected far off the course of Flight 370 as Vietnam checked another lead closer to the missing plane’s route that proved to be a dead end. The location and timing of the object described today by Malaysia’s air force chief are potentially significant. Radar picked up the unknown

Confusion as search for Malaysian jet spreads across SE Asia

Vietnam – The search for a missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner expanded on Wednesday to cover a swathe of Southeast Asia, from the South China Sea to India’s territorial waters, with authorities no closer to explaining what happened to the plane or the 239 people on board. Vietnam briefly scaled down search operations in waters off

Malaysia Air Force Denies Saying Jet Tracked to Malacca

 Malaysia’s Air Force chief denied saying Flight 370 was tracked deviating from its path into Malacca Strait, adding to the confusion surrounding the search for the missing plane, which entered its fifth day. “It would not be appropriate for the Royal Malaysian Air Force to issue any official conclusions as to the aircraft’s flight path