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Investigators Urge Extending New Search for Missing Malaysian Flight #MH370

Investigators searching for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have recommended extending the search by 25,000 sq km (9,650 sq miles), to an area further north in the Indian Ocean, after conceding for the first time they were probably looking in the wrong place. Flight MH370 disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board,

Malaysia says debris found in Mauritius is from missing Flight MH370

Malaysia said on Friday that a piece of plane debris discovered in Mauritius was from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew on board. The Boeing 777 disappeared on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, sparking a two-year search has turned up few leads. Analysis by

Malaysia confirms debris found in Tanzania is from MH370

Malaysia said on Thursday that a large piece of aircraft debris discovered on the island of Pemba, off the coast of Tanzania, in June, was from the missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370. A search of more than two years has turned up few traces of the Boeing 777 aircraft that disappeared in March 2014, with

Australia still confident Missing Flight MH370 in southern Indian Ocean

Australia’s deputy prime minister said officials remained confident a missing Malaysia Airlines jet is somewhere in southern Indian Ocean despite searchers saying wreckage was not on the seabed in the area they had identified. The search was narrowed last month after a series of acoustic pings thought to be from the plane’s black box recorders

Flight MH370: 11 Terrorists Arrested on Suspicion of Involvement in Disappearance of Flight

 Terrorists with links to Al Qaeda may have been behind the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. A total of 11 terrorists, who were reportedly arrested in the capital Kuala Lumpur and in the state of Kedah last week, have been interrogated on suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of the missing aircraft. The

Red herring in hunt for MH370 highlights air traffic flaws

 Fresh questions have been raised over air traffic co-ordination after a preliminary report on the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared almost two months ago revealed 90 minutes of wasted effort while controllers looked in the wrong country. While Flight MH370’s disappearance has led to calls for real-time tracking, it has also re-focused attention on the

UPDATE-Malaysia releases missing MH370 Flight Report, reveals Major Confusion

Report makes public likely flight path of missing MH370 airliner * Outlines confusion that followed disappearance * Ultimate fate of vanished Boeing 777 still a mystery * Malaysia Airlines urges passengers’ families to go home (Adds further details of confusion) Malaysia on Thursday released its most comprehensive account yet of what happened to missing Flight MH370,

Malaysia releases missing flight 370 report, calls for real-time tracking

 Malaysia released a preliminary report on missing Flight MH370 on Thursday in which it recommended that the U.N. body overseeing global aviation consider introducing a system for tracking commercial aircraft in real time. The document, dated April 9, also provided fresh details of attempts the authorities in Kuala Lumpur made to locate the Malaysia Airlines

Military radar DID track an unidentified aircraft at the time MH370 disappeared

Malaysian PM reveals six weeks after the search began: Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak said the military’s radar tracked what is believed to have been the Malaysian Airlines plane It was detected after it had turned back while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8 Najib Razak said preliminary findings would

Missing Malaysian Flight: Now the Search for MH370 may take years, warns US official

With Most of the seabed area searched for missing Malaysia Airlines flight without success experts fear wider hunt could take years. The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane could take years, a senior US defence official has warned, as the underwater search off Western Australia failed to find any trace of wreckage or black

Flight 370 Families Detain Malaysian Air Staff at Hotel

 Frustrated relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysian Air (MAS) jet held the carrier’s staff in a Beijing hotel ballroom for more than 10 hours as they demanded the Malaysian government give a fuller accounting of Flight 370. Tensions have been rising among the mostly Chinese family members over incomplete or conflicting reports shared by