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Missing Flight 370 Raises Need for Closer Cooperation

 Flight 370, which vanished almost three months ago, showcases the need for nations to collaborate more on sharing information about aviation, Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said. Countries already share information about ships to prevent piracy and hijacking, Ng said in an interview yesterday. “Is there capacity for collaboration? I think certainly very much

Flight 370 Families Detain Malaysian Air Staff at Hotel

 Frustrated relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysian Air (MAS) jet held the carrier’s staff in a Beijing hotel ballroom for more than 10 hours as they demanded the Malaysian government give a fuller accounting of Flight 370. Tensions have been rising among the mostly Chinese family members over incomplete or conflicting reports shared by

MH370 Plane Hunt Fails to Replicate Signal as Search Narrows

 Ships combing the Indian Ocean for a missing Malaysian Air jet failed to detect new pings that might point the way to the aircraft’s flight recorders, as investigators reduced the search area by almost two-thirds. The Ocean Shield, which picked up signals at the weekend as it towed a U.S. Navy pinger locator, heard no

Subsea Pings Raise Hopes in Search for Missing Jetliner

An Australian ship hunting for the missing Malaysian Air plane heard signals consistent with those from an aircraft’s black boxes, the biggest breakthrough in a mystery that began a month ago. The pings raised investigators’ hopes for narrowing their focus enough to deploy a sonar-equipped robot submarine to scan the Indian Ocean floor for wreckage.

Boeing Co. 777-200ER – Timeline of Malaysian Air’s Missing Flight 370

The disappearance of Malaysian Airline System Bhd. (MAS)’s Flight 370 has galvanized a multinational search, spawned theories ranging from an accident to air piracy and repeatedly dashed hopes that a resolution was at hand. Below is a timeline of the events that began with the jet’s departure from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing: March