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UPDATE-Malaysia releases missing MH370 Flight Report, reveals Major Confusion

Report makes public likely flight path of missing MH370 airliner * Outlines confusion that followed disappearance * Ultimate fate of vanished Boeing 777 still a mystery * Malaysia Airlines urges passengers’ families to go home (Adds further details of confusion) Malaysia on Thursday released its most comprehensive account yet of what happened to missing Flight MH370,

Malaysia releases missing flight 370 report, calls for real-time tracking

 Malaysia released a preliminary report on missing Flight MH370 on Thursday in which it recommended that the U.N. body overseeing global aviation consider introducing a system for tracking commercial aircraft in real time. The document, dated April 9, also provided fresh details of attempts the authorities in Kuala Lumpur made to locate the Malaysia Airlines

International Aviation Mystery: Novel analysis helped narrow Malaysian jet search

 Investigators are closer to solving an international aviation mystery thanks to a British communications satellite and classroom physics. An analysis of faint signals sent from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to an Inmarsat satellite led officials to conclude the plane crashed in a remote area of the southern Indian Ocean. More precise information about the plane’s