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Trump and the leaks

Judith Miller, Editor’s note: The following article originally appeared in City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute. Call it the Oval Office virus. After less than a month in office, President Donald J. Trump, who as a candidate embraced WikiLeaks and a torrent of leaks about his rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign, has become a

Pawns of Liberals

Walter E. Williams, Ordinary black people cannot afford to go along with the liberal agenda that calls for undermining police authority. That agenda makes for more black crime victims. Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t work. In 1990, New York City adopted the practice in which its police officers might stop and question

Democrats, not Trump, racialize our politics

Heather MacDonald, The most absurd Democratic meme to emerge from the party’s ballot-box defeat is the claim that it is Donald Trump, rather than Democrats, who engages in “aggressive, racialized discourse,” in the words of a Los Angeles Times op-ed. By contrast, President Barack Obama sought a “post-racial, bridge-building society,” according to New York Times

The forgotten women who are supporting Trump

Kay Hymowitz,   Editor’s note: The following column originally appeared in City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute. One of the strangest ironies of this strangest of campaigns is that, if America does elect its first woman president, it will be Donald Trump, not Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will have played the crucial role.

Hillary Lies, Cops Die

Larry Elder, The fascinating thing about Hillary Clinton’s lie that “African-Americans” are disproportionately killed by police is that she continues peddling it after the murders of three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, which followed the ambush killings of five officers in Dallas. In both cases, the murderers were black men apparently convinced that the

How Hillary’s Defense Doesn’t Apply to the Rest of Us

James Copland, Editor’s note: This column was co-authored by Rafael A. Mangual. FBI Director James Comey’s statement announcing that he would not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for sending and receiving classified information through her unauthorized offsite email server was remarkable. In essence, Comey articulated facts showing that Clinton was guilty under the clear language of

In 2016, the job of the average police officer has become more difficult and dangerous

Scott G. Erickson, This spring, the FBI released preliminary data on law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2015. With 41 officers feloniously killed, it represented a drop of nearly 20 percent from the year before. The numbers, although wholly tragic, were encouraging. Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for many of the usual critics