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Tom Brady and the secret hiding in plain sight at Super Bowl 2017

Dr. Marc Siegel, Football, supposedly the ultimate physical game, is in fact almost entirely mental. This is why New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who is injured and can’t play in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, can still inspire his team by dressing as a caveman and performing the first ever “prehistoric” high-five and

The doctor’s visit of the future (after ObamaCare is reformed)

Dr. Marc Siegel, It’s no secret that ObamaCare isn’t going very well and that at least a partial repeal may be looming under the Trump administration. So-called comprehensive insurance creates more problems than it solves — in my practice, a regulatory chokehold limits referrals and treatments — and doctors have been fleeing from it in

What doctors know about the ObamaCare crisis, and you should, too

Dr. Marc Siegel,  For practicing physicians, the problems with ObamaCare go well beyond spiraling-out-of-control premiums (the average increase for the 2017 midlevel health plans is 25 percent) and the flight of the insurance providers (down from 232 to 167). True, ObamaCare is a failed Ponzi scheme. The insurers who remain in the game are being

Marc Siegel, MD: What we still don’t know about Hillary‚Äôs health scare

Dr. Marc Siegel,   Consider that many of our greatest presidents have had health concerns and still have served brilliantly. The real focus on candidates’ health therefore should not be strictly on some physical or mental criteria for serving, but rather on the public’s right to know. Some of our greatest presidents served brilliantly despite