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Rep. Duncan Hunter: Colleague’s ‘art’ disrespected cops

Rep. Duncan Hunter, The U.S. Capitol represents many things to different people, but one thing it’s not is a modern art museum.    Every year, Members of Congress host an art competition in their congressional districts and the winners—selected through a variety of ways—are given the honor of having their artwork displayed in the U.S.

If Trump really wants a ‘beautiful’ wall, here’s what he’s gotta get right

Rep. Duncan Hunter, Donald Trump’s proclamation that he would build a “wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border was a major selling point in his campaign for the presidency.  It was this commitment that helped propel Trump to the forefront of a crowded field of primary opponents either unwilling or hesitant to back the idea, and it

We can defeat ISIS with the right strategy. Mosul is just the beginning

Rep. Duncan Hunter Over the last several days, the fight led by the Iraqi Army to liberate Mosul and drive the Islamic State from the city is cause for some optimism.  The spine of the Iraqi military is finally stiffening and with the help of U.S. and coalition forces, the liberation of Mosul now appears