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Will Obama fence off more of the ocean? US fishermen are fearful

George Russell, American fishermen are deeply fearful that the Obama White House could cut them off as early as this week from major fishing areas of the U.S. continental shelf on both coasts, further restricting one of the most highly regulated fishing industries in the world. At stake are millions of dollars in fishing revenue and hundreds of

Allen West: Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines issue MAJOR warning

Allen West Republic, It is unconscionable and embarrassing that our men and women in our military aviation force are having to resurrect planes from boneyards and scavenge museums in order to provide for our common defense. As Written By Allen B. West: We recently shared here a story about the horrific situation surrounding the rise

The US Military’s Willful Slaughter Of Life In The Pacific Ocean

Geoengineering Watch – by Dane Wigington The United States military has become a runaway juggernaut of environmental devastation and destruction. From the global climate engineering assault (that is poisoning the entire planet and ripping Earth’s climate and life support systems apart), to the insane, blatant, and willful slaughter of ocean life, the actions of our

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: We Are Filling Up The Pacific Ocean With Plastic

Filling up our oceans with massive amounts of plastic that never biodegrades. Michael Snyder | American Dream  We are starting to see that there are very serious consequences for filling up our oceans with massive amounts of plastic that never biodegrades.  In fact, this is one of the greatest environmental disasters of all time and

Ocean floor search for missing Malaysia plane cut short again

 The search for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner deep in the Indian Ocean was again cut short on Wednesday when technical problems forced a U.S. Navy underwater drone to surface without finding anything, officials said. While a massive air and sea search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is continuing almost 2,000 km (1,200 miles) off

Fukushima radiation possible culprit in huge starfish die off from Mexico to Alaska

Potential catastrophe, it’s extremely virulent “going on up and down coast… It’s going to change what’s out there pretty fundamentally” A mysterious pathogen is wiping out starfish along the Pacific coast, a potential catastrophe that has flummoxed marine biologists […] [They’re] disappearing from large areas along the coast […] Nobody knows what is causing the

Brandon Raub Released from Psychiatric Hospital; Did the FBI Go Too Far?

justin raub

  Gather Marine Brandon Raub of Richmond, VA, was unlawfully detained and ordered to be released from a Psychiatric Hospital, according to Circuit Judge W. Allan Sharret on Thursday. Judge Sharret concluded that the involuntary commitment petition against Raub was “devoid of any factual allegations.

Former Marine Indefinitely Detained In Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

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  Former marine Brandon Raub was carted off by the Feds and locked in a psychiatric ward for his Facebook posts questioning the government’s version of 9/11. Raub isn’t the first person who has suffered this fate.  Claire Swinney was also held in a psychiatric ward and called “delusional

Former Marine Brandon Raub Is Locked In A Psych Ward Over His 9/11 Facebook Posts


Here’s more about what he said on his Facebook page. I really don’t see what he said that was so bad. Business Insider The former Marine who was detained by the federal government over Facebook posts critical of the government is being held in a psychiatric ward, Peter Bacqué of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.  “I’m