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Marjorie Dannenfelser

Trump’s SCOTUS Finalists Would Defend Life

Marjorie Dannenfelser, I’m proud to have made the pro-life case for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign. Now that he’s been sworn in, I’m eager to help him build a Supreme Court that will overturn Roe v. Wade and wipe out the “abortion distortion” that has plagued judicial rulings for decades. So when it comes

Mike Pence to abandon re-election bid for governor #TrumpPence2016

The VP nod may not be official yet – but Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is abandoning his gubernatorial bid, all but assuring he’s in line to be Donald Trump’s running mate. Republican sources tell Fox News that Pence, who faced a Friday deadline to make a decision, will not run for re-election. This comes amid

Trump tells it like it is because he’s beholden to no one #OnlyTrump

The success of Donald Trump stems from one major factor: the perception that he tells it like it is because he’s beholden to no one. Whether Trump actually does tell the truth is a different question—one more often answered in the negative—but Wednesday, he did something rare for a Republican politician: he told the truth,