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Right Now, There Are Only Two Kinds of Conservatives

Mark Davis, The subdivisions of conservatism contain many corridors for channeling a love of liberty, smaller government and rule of law. Fiscal, social, constitutional, national security and immigration passions provide a useful scorecard for assessing the breadth of those seeking to be called conservative. That discussion is for another day. From right now until the

Your Handy Guide to Evaluating Trump Criticism

Mark Davis, As we ride the white-knuckle Trump train to the Cleveland GOP convention and beyond, the air will fill with criticisms of him. Some will come from Democrats, some from rebellious Republicans. From both sides, some of those criticisms will have merit and others will be simply ridiculous. So here’s a convenient guide for

The Absurdity of “Trump/Cruz Can’t Win”

Mark Davis, Have we not all learned that this is a terrible year for broad pronouncements? The past months are littered with the failed assertions of oh-so-smart people who just knew they had everything figured out. Trump is a joke. No, wait, he’s inevitable. He’s out of control. No, now he’s more disciplined, He’s got