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California Threatens Secession, Trump Supporters Say ‘Go For It’

Kelen McBreen | Infowars, Hillary backers in Cali so afraid of Trump presidency they want out of US completely. Hillary supporters in California are so upset following Trump’s devastating victory that they are threatening to start a secession movement. The twitter hashtags #CalExit and #Califrexit started trending after Trump was announced the winner of election

NM State Rep: Don’t Vote For White Candidates

 Rep. says that “unsuspecting Democratic leaders” are supporting “Anglo Democrats with egos as big as Texas” In seeking support for two Democrats running for state House seats, a New Mexico state representative sent an e-mail to supporters Monday urging them not to vote for the other “Anglo Democrat” candidates in the primaries. The New Mexico

Vegas Residents Sign Petition to ‘Lower Kids’ IQs’ with Fluoride

Mikael Thalen, Residents happily support “making the world a better place” by “dumbing down kids” A video posted to YouTube Tuesday shows Las Vegas residents signing a petition to increase levels of “dangerous and toxic” fluoride in the pubic water supply. Uploaded by Nick Brannigan and Vicky Lepage of, the video reveals how countless