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Mark Halperin Was Right

Rich Galen,  Three weeks from tomorrow – the Trump era will begin. That means the Obama era will come to an end. At this time one year ago, Barack Obama’s approval rating was four percentage points underwater, 46-50 according to the Gallup Tracking Poll. Then, the calendar clicked over into the Presidential year, the spotlight turned to

Trump Has No Doubts About Winning White House

“We are gonna win,” the Republican presidential nominee told Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin on Wednesday. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony of his new luxury Washington hotel, Donald Trump characteristically showed no sign of self-doubt about his chances in the presidential race less than two weeks before Election Day. In an interview with Bloomberg Politics’ co-managing editor Mark Halperin, the

No, a Conservative Third-Party Candidate Can’t Steal the Electoral College

Some conservative Republicans who hate Donald Trump want to run a third-party presidential candidate, such as Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse, who has lambasted Trump. It’s a plan that might help them turn out conservative voters, who would otherwise stay home to protest Trump, and help Republicans avoid a down-ballot wipeout. More likely, it could