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Eighth Submersible Mission Begins for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

 Australia—The search for debris from missing Flight 370 continued Sunday, with an unmanned submersible continuing to scan the floor of the southern Indian Ocean. Planes and ships are again sweeping a vast stretch of the sea’s surface after past sorties failed to spot anything related to the plane. The U.S. Navy’s Bluefin-21 autonomous vehicle has begun

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: How long will black box signals last?

 Perth, Australia  Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The hunt continued Tuesday with no new signals detected since Sunday. The black box batteries on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are designed to last 30 days, but could be damaged – or could last for weeks more. Search crews in the Indian Ocean failed to pick up more of

MH370 Possible Ping discovery prompts new phase in plane search

 Searchers looking for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane have discovered signals consistent with those emitted by black boxes in the Indian Ocean, but they may still be a long way from finding the first piece of wreckage. Here’s a look at what they’ve accomplished, and what remains to be done: ___ THE DISCOVERY The Australian