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Mark Steyn Backs #DumpKelloggs: Kellogg’s ‘Real Target’ Is Trump and His Supporters

Author and radio host Mark Steyn offers support to Breitbart’s #DumpKelloggs boycott in his latest column, noting the danger posed to free speech and culture when corporations increasingly politicize every issue by siding with the left in order to silence or de-legitimize the left’s political opponents, which Steyn writes is the real aim of Kellogg’s actions.

New Conservative TV Network: Levin, Malkin, Steyn to Headline

A new conservative network has just been announced: Conservative Review TV. Conservative icons Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn will highlight CRTV, which is scheduled to launch in December. Levin’s popular online program LevinTV will be among the shows offered by the new network.  Malkin’s program will be called Michelle Malkin Investigates, in which the syndicated columnist will

Islamist Violence Will Steer Europe’s Destiny

Daniel Pipes, STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Visits to predominantly Muslim suburbs emerging outside nearly all northern European cities, one question keeps recurring: Why have some of the richest, most educated, most secular, most placid, and most homogeneous countries in the world willingly opened their doors to virtually any migrant from the poorest, least modern, most religious,

Liberals Must Choose Between Freedom And Fascism

Kurt Schlichter,   Honest liberals are having their Andrew Breitbart moment. Andrew started out as a liberal, except he was the kind of liberal that’s exceedingly rare today. He was a liberal who actually believed in the things liberals say they believe in, like free expression and personal autonomy. But they don’t. Andrew’s change began when

Why America Is Headed Toward Bankruptcy In 13 Terrifying Quotes

 John Hawkins,  Like Enron, Greece, and Donald Trump before us, America is about to go bankrupt. Unfortunately, our bankruptcy will probably be more Enron and less Donald Trump because we’re very unlikely to come back bigger and better in the lifetime of anyone reading this column. Instead, most Americans are probably going to experience skyrocketing