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The 7 Worst Media Losers Of 2016

Aaron Bandler,  1. Martha Raddatz. Raddatz of ABC News earns this distinction because her bias for Hillary Clinton was blatant to the point where she began to cry when it became clear that Clinton was going to lose to Trump: After moderating a presidential debate in which Raddatz actually began arguing with Trump for a period of

A Frightening Preview of Hillary’s America #DraintheSwamp Vote Trump

Daniel Greenfield, Dark and unaccountable. Hillary Clinton, of all people, summed up this debate and this election best. “What kind of country are we going to be?” The Evita of Arkansas is a compulsive liar who has never told the truth in her life. But this time around she was right. This election does not

Political Coup Is What Is Happening To America Right Now (VIDEO), Martha Raddatz tries to mock the idea of election fraud, while Gingrich reminds her this country’s own history has proven fraud takes place. The former Speaker of the House didn’t hold back in describing the truth of what is now happening to the election process in America, including those who are responsible, and how

Handwritten letter from Abraham Lincoln for sale

Shortly after the presidential candidates name-dropped Abraham Lincoln in their Sunday night debate, historians have announced that a rare letter written by the man who would become our nation’s 16th president is for sale. The date on the letter: Nov. 3, 1859, less than 2 years before Lincoln was elected commander in chief. He wrote to

Trump Has Over-the-Top Debate

The Republican presidential nominee moved to calm a jittery base and stabilize his campaign. He told Democratic rival Hillary Clinton she should be in jail despite numerous probes that have ended without charges. He accused her husband of sexual assault, and claimed she was callous toward a 12-year-old rape victim as a lawyer. He twice brought up Sidney

Hillary Your a “devil” who repeatedly lies, You have tremendous Hate in Your Heart

Donald Trump on Sunday said Hillary Clinton would go to jail if he were president and attacked her husband for his treatment of women in a vicious presidential debate less than a month before the U.S. election. Their debate, the second of three before the Nov. 8 vote, was remarkable for the brutal nature of

Trump accuses Raddatz and Cooper of being for Clinton at the #Debate

Donald Trump appeared to accuse presidential debate moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz of colluding with Hillary Clinton in an effort to spare the Democrat nominee from having to answer challenging questions about classified emails stored on her unsecured server. ABC’s Raddatz asked Clinton if she would call her use of the secret homebrewed server

Debate Co-Moderator: Martha Raddatz Covered Up ACORN Scandal Before 2008 Election

One of the co-moderators of the next presidential debate in St. Louis, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, sat through the 2008 election on a major political corruption story that could have changed the trajectory of the election. Raddatz, Breitbart News has learned, refused to publish a story on the alleged improper collusion


“The second presidential debate of the 2016 general-election campaign takes place on Sunday, Oct. 9, at Washington University in St. Louis.” “The debate starts at 9 p.m. ET and is set to run 90 minutes with no commercial interruptions. According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, the second match-up be a town-hall format. Half of the

Trump vs. Hillary: Three things to look for at the showdown in St. Louis

William Whalen, Prior to Tuesday’s offering in Farmville, the last such national candidates’ debate in the Commonwealth of Virginia was in 1992 – well before Blackberries, back taxes and beauty queens drove the presidential narrative. That debate, on the campus of the University of Richmond, holds two dubious distinctions. It marked the first time that

Earpieces banned after Lauer’s disastrous presidential interviews

Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper and Chris Wallace won’t have to worry about their bosses feeding them questions in their ears when they moderate the presidential debates in the coming weeks. The Commission on Presidential Debates sent out a message to news organizations Thursday banning moderators from wearing earpieces, Page Six has learned. Holt’s

Trump Campaign Confident They Can Win Without Pennsylvania

Cortney O’Brien,  Pennsylvania is a swing state that is often considered crucial in presidential elections. Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, however, is confident her candidate can win without it. She told ABC’s Martha Raddatz as much on Sunday, while noting they’re not completely neglecting the Keystone State. Conway responded, “We can, but we’re taking Pennsylvania very seriously.