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Boston Bombings: Obama Admin Still Refuses to Acknowledge Jihadist Threat

Edwin Mora, Breitbart Memorials scheduled across the city marked the third anniversary of the deadly 2013 marathon bombings in Boston, as some fear the lessons of that attack have been lost on the Obama administration. Years after the attack, which killed four people and injured hundreds, the White House refuses to acknowledge the true nature of the

In show of defiance, 32,000 run Boston Marathon

Some ran to honor the dead and wounded. Others were out to prove something to the world about their sport, the city or their country. And some wanted to prove something to themselves. With the names of the victims scrawled on their bodies or their race bibs, more than 32,000 people ran in the Boston

Boston Retakes Its Marathon One Year After Terror Bombing

 The bell in Boston’s Old South Church, where Ben Franklin and Paul Revere were once parishioners, will ring out a darker bit of history today from its vantage point above the Boston Marathon finish line. It was a year ago that two pressure-cooker bombs exploded at the marathon’s end point, killing three people and injuring