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Trump campaign: Video shows Clinton coordinated with liberal group to incite crowds

Donald Trump’s campaign charged Monday that new undercover video shot by a conservative activist proves Hillary Clinton “directly” coordinated with a liberal group that’s been accused of inciting violence at Trump rallies. The latest video from Project Veritas allegedly showed a Democratic operative – who previously had been linked to individuals accused of planting provocateurs

Harry Reid and Senate Dems Refuse To Actually Legislate

Kevin Glass  With Democrats scared that they’re going to lose the Senate in the November 2014 elections, they’ve been very hesitant to actually legislate. Doing so would require some of their members to actually take a position on some important issues, and in response to that, they’re just grinding everything to a halt. Well, more

Health law: Embrace, avoid or in between for Dems

 Democratic candidates are trying to figure out whether to embrace or avoid President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul — or land somewhere in between. The president says his party shouldn’t apologize or go on the defensive about the Affordable Care Act. Candidates aren’t so sure. Two top recruits for Senate races — Michelle Nunn in

Pipeline, energy bill backers vow to keep up fight

 Supporters of a popular energy savings bill and the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline say they will keep trying to force Senate action on the measures, even after they were defeated amid partisan gridlock in the Senate. The energy legislation would tighten efficiency guidelines for new federal buildings and provide tax incentives to make homes

Senator Reid opens door to Keystone pipeline vote

 Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in an abrupt election-year shift in strategy, opened the possibility on Tuesday of allowing a vote on congressional approval of the long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline. “I’m open to anything that will move energy efficiency,” Reid, a long-time foe of the project, told reporters. He was referring to a bill

Obama warns party to focus on 2014, not 2016

 Democrats could get walloped in the November elections. The party gets sleepy and distracted in the midterms. And its supporters simply may not show up to vote. Those aren’t hopeful predictions from Republicans. They’re the dire warnings of President Barack Obama, who is seeking to gin up enthusiasm for the midterm elections from party activists