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Mass Shootings

EXECUTIONER(S) STILL AT LARGE? 8 family members in Ohio shot dead, including mom, teen; 3 babies survive

One or more shooters are believed to be on the loose, “armed and dangerous,” after a brutal string of shootings in four homes killed a total of eight family members in southern Ohio Friday, investigators said. The eight relatives — seven adults and a 16-year-old boy — were apparently shot in the head “execution-style,” Ohio Attorney

Pesticide Control, Psych Drug Control Is Gun Control

by Tracy Turner Caveat, this is not a medical advice nor a gun-control article. This “List of 45 Mass Murders and Pharma Drugs they were on” is an excellent read, but merely a drop in the bucket compared to other psych-med-violence lists and databases. According to Yahoo Answers: “It is now 1 in 100 in the US

Gun Control and Mass Shootings

Daniel J. Mitchell Well, another loser killed a bunch of people, this time in Santa Barbara, California. Which gives gun control zealots an opportunity to seize upon the tragedy to recycle their calls to restrict private firearms ownership and otherwise erode the Second Amendment. But I’m not too worried that they’ll succeed. The evidence is

Under Obama’s Watch: Public Mass Shootings Have Tripled

While shootings in public places have sadly tripled in the last few years, first responders’ strategy has improved, and civilians are being recognized as playing an increasingly vital role in stopping attackers. The findings are detailed in a report by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University obtained by Yahoo

Liberal Biased MSNBC: Associates Duck Dynasty Gun Line With Mass Shootings

 When MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts announced the new line of Duck Commander guns on January 3rd, he was joined by Len Everett of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Everett claimed Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made his controversial comments to sell guns to conservative, middle-aged, white males and criticized the Robertson family for selling the kinds of guns

Mass Shootings: Are Guns the Problem?


Every time there’s a shooting tragedy, there are more calls for gun control. Let’s examine a few historical facts. By 1910, the National Rifle Association had succeeded in establishing 73 NRA-affiliated high-school rifle clubs. The 1911 second edition of the Boy Scout Handbook made qualification in NRA’s junior marksmanship program a prerequisite for obtaining a