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The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Cal Thomas, Unless you are spending this time of year at a spiritual retreat cut off from TV, newspapers or internet service you cannot escape the blaring music and the marketers attempting to sell you something they promise will bring you happiness and peace. The many definitions of peace seem inadequate at this or any

What If Home Depot Had Refused to Rent A Truck to Sayfullo Saipov?

Robert Spencer, Would any employee dare? John Miller, NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, said Wednesday: “We did extensive outreach to the truck rental business. We visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area. The industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the NYPD.” And “Miller said that

Targeted Duke Professor Resigns

Jack Kerwick, Administrative witch hunt drives out respected scholar. That, of all people, Barack Obama recently received the Kennedy Library’s “Profile in Courage” award proves that the latter has about as much to do with recognizing courage as the Nobel Peace Prize, of which the former President was also a recipient, has to do with