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America’s Police Back Donald Trump

Jim Stinson, Fraternal Order of Police snubs Hillary after ‘Black Lives Matter’ pandering. The nation’s largest police union endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday, helping to change the narrative on a day in which so many reporters and commenters wanted to talk about so-called birtherism. The valuable endorsement, made by the national Fraternal

NYPD stocking up heroin antidote

What will it do to someone who hasn’t taken Heroin?  Following revelations that New York City has become one of the country’s largest heroin trade centers, the New York Police Department announced that nearly 20,000 officers will soon carry an anti-overdose drug in order to help save lives.   According to the New York Times,

Bay State Gov. Patrick dodges questions, chance to ˜Free Justina’

Raquel Okyay The governor of Massachusetts refuses to address why state agency is holding severely ailing Connecticut teen hostage for 14 months instead of sending her home to be in the care of her family and her doctors. “If Justina Pelletier dies in the state’s care, that’s on the hands of Gov. Deval L. Patrick,” said