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Trump Campaign Sprints Into Final Week In Blue States As Hillary’s Momentum Collapses

Matthew Boyle, NEW YORK — A confident campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is sprinting into the final full week of the campaign as his opponent Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is struggling. Federal law enforcement officials are taking another look at her emails, held on a home-brew server that was set up in

Clinton ‘Alt-Right’ Speech Backfires, Turns Democrats Toward Donald Trump

Matthew Boyle, New York — Trumpocrats executive director Christian Rickers told Breitbart News that Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, is “simply unhinged” as evidenced by her speech in Reno, Nevada, on Thursday. “Hillary is simply unhinged and appealing to the lowest common denominator,” Rickers, a lifelong Democrat who backed Vermont Sen. Bernie

˜In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome’: Ann Coulter’s Book Cover Revealed

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart  Conservative columnist and 12-time New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter is set to rock the political world yet again with what is sure to be another highly successful book: Ann Coulter’s new bombshell book is set to explain the Trump phenomenon, and why Donald Trump has risen up against all odds

Donald Trump Plans To Continue GOP Legacy Of Leading On Women’s, Civil Rights Against Racist, Sexist Democrats

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States, tells Breitbart News he plans to continue the rich GOP tradition of standing up for women’s and civil rights in the face of opposition from Democrats. He also says he plans to help the Republican Party, which led the way

Donald J. Trump: Jobs Data ˜Shocking,’ ˜Only Going to Get Worse’ with Hillary Clinton

Matthew Boyle, Billionaire developer Donald J. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States, told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that the anemic economic growth —  just 38,000 new jobs in the month of May is a “shocking development.”  Trump says that under the economic policies of President Barack

Donald J. Trump to San Francisco: Sanctuary Cities ˜Unacceptable,’ A ˜Disaster’ Creating ˜Safe-Haven for Criminals’

Breitbart – by Matthew Boyle NEW YORK CITY, New York — Donald J. Trump, the billionaire businessman and presumptive 2016 GOP presidential nominee, told Breitbart News that he is shocked that San Francisco’s local government would entertain the possibility of expanding its sanctuary status for illegal aliens after what happened to Kate Steinle last year.

GOP Primary Turnout Up 8.7 Million Votes, More Than 60 Percent in 2016 Versus 2012

Matthew Boyle and Andy Badolato, Breitbart  Newly compiled data after the New York Republican primary shows that among the states that have voted so far in 2016, GOP primary and caucus turnout is up well more than 8 million votes and well more than 60 percent over 2012’s process. Top GOP officials say that the

Phyllis Schlafly’s Last Stand: The Inside Story of the Conservative Icon’s Internal Battle for Survival

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart  Allies of Ted Cruz are now targeting conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly, a leading grassroots anti-establishment voice for half a century, because Schlafly endorsed billionaire businessman Donald Trump for president in the 2016 GOP primary. Several Cruz supporters inside Eagle Forum are unhappy with Phyllis Schlafly’s Trump endorsement, and have been working behind

Donald Trump Fires at Karl Rove: ˜A Dishonorable Guy,’ Who ˜Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Write for’ WSJ

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Billionaire and 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News that GOP establishment consultant Karl Rove is so “dishonorable” that the Wall Street Journal should stop him from writing future columns for the publication. “This guy is such a dishonorable guy,” Trump said in his latest exclusive phone interview last week

Trump: ˜I’m Greatly Honored’ Thousands of ˜Professional Agitators’ and ˜Paid Protesters’ From Left Targeting Me

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart New York — Thousands of progressive protesters intend to swarm New York City tonight to protest 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but the frontrunner says he isn’t worried. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday afternoon, he said he’s “greatly honored” they’re targeting him as he thinks that’s proof he’s

Donald Trump’s Delegate Manager Begins Employing Same Moves He Used for Ronald Reagan in 1980

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart While the tactics of chief Donald Trump rival to win delegates without voters come under intense scrutiny, a quiet, thus-far-little-focused-on development has occurred that could provide a ray of hope for the Trump team fighting political insiders on their home turf. Paul Manafort, Trump’s new Republican National Convention manager, just delivered not

Bill Clinton Unleashes On Black Lives Matter: They Defend Gang Leaders, Get Kids ˜Hopped Up On Crack’

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Former President Bill Clinton slammed a Black Lives Matter protest against Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, and said the group defends gang leaders who get kids “hopped up on crack.” “I don’t know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out into the street