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George Washington Banished By P.C. Police

Bob Unruh | WND, School board president cites slave ownership… The president of the San Francisco Board of Education wants “Washington” and “Jefferson” banned as school names, because the American Founders had slaves. “We should rename Washington High School after San Francisco native, poet and author Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou High School. No schools named

Enemies Foreign, Domestic, At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Shawn Mitchell Please enjoy these blasts from my Facebook. They annoyed a lot of liberals. Separation of powers, limited central government, protected property and liberties. Best success formula in the history of the known universe. Anyone who opposes it is an enemy…foreign, domestic, or domiciled at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Maya Angelou loved guns and her

University: Poet, author Maya Angelou dies at 86

Maya Angelou was gratified, but not surprised by her extraordinary fortune. “I’m not modest,” she told The Associated Press in 2013. “I have no modesty. Modesty is a learned behavior. But I do pray for humility, because humility comes from the inside out.” Her story awed millions. The young single mother who worked at strip