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Is Hugh Hewitt’s “The Fourth Way” The Way To Win?

Kurt Schlichter, Here’s the thing about our new president – Barack Obama ran his mouth about fundamentally transforming the United States, but it’s Donald Trump who is actually doing it. Making America great again is not simply about rolling back the calendar to some hazily-recalled, glorious yesterday; it’s about creating a new conservative paradigm of

Record number of Latinos eligible to vote; how many show up is another question

Speaking to a group of Latino voters earlier this month in Oregon on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rise to head of the GOP and his anti-immigrant rhetoric in stark terms. “Trump speaks this way because he can,” he said,

RNC Rules Committee member: Trump may only need 1,100 delegates or so to win the nomination

Allahpundit, Via LawNews, a cryptic comment greeted with euphoria this morning by Drudge, whose fondness for Trump is, shall we say, Hannity-esque: What does Randy Evans, a member of the RNC’s Rules Committee, mean when he says that Trump’s a lock if he reaches 1,100 when everyone understands that 1,237 is required for a majority?