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As Gun Violence Rages, Chicago Pols Play Politics

Bob Barr, Seven hundred and sixty-two. That is how many people were murdered in Chicago last year; an appalling number not seen in two decades. Twelve people were killed over Father’s Day weekend in 2016. Another dozen were murdered over the recent Christmas holiday. And, the city’s liberal leaders — including “The Godfather” Rahm Emanuel

A Note To The Jews: Be Prepared To Fight Back

Tony Katz  Last week in Ukraine, leaflets were being disseminated saying Jews were required to register with the government or face being thrown out of the country and their possessions seized. More and more, they have been debunked as a hoax. Jews in America, and worldwide, should nonetheless take this seriously, and recognize that –

90% of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns

 Standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance with their “brothers-in-arms” in Connecticut, New York gun owners are rebelling against their soon-to-take-effect gun control law. Gun owners have already stood in defiance by burning their registration forms in protest.  They are remarkably unenthusiastic about complying with the order to register their so-called “assault weapons,” and the law

De Blasio Refuses to Plow Streets of Wealthy New York Neighborhoods

Michael Schaus,  Twenty one days into his administration New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is already making Mike Bloomberg look good. And, let’s face it, when someone makes Bloomy look like a model of fairness and honesty, things are clearly pretty bad. In fact, this occurred so quickly after De Blasio’s inauguration, I’m beginning

Will New York City become the next Detroit?

By: Grover Norquist, New York City just elected a proud and ambitious left-winger, Bill de Blasio, to be the mayor. He plans to raise taxes again and spend yet more money. Will New York City become the next Detroit? Detroit was once the center of American manufacturing. Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors stood astride the