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Facebook and the Anti-Fake-News Narrative Enlists Uber-Partisan David Brock?

Young Voices Advocates, Editor’s note: This column was authored by Alex Grass. After Hillary Clinton’s surprising fall from grace, longtime Clinton loyalist David Brock staged a Democratic Party revival pitch-session in Florida over inauguration weekend. Within a week, the Washington Free Beacon published a copy of a “briefing book” from the Florida retreat, revealing Brock’s

Hannity: Alt-left seeks to take down Trump at America’s expense

Sean Hannity, The Democratic Party and its alt-left liberal allies are plotting, planning and scheming to slow down, stop, and even destroy President Trump and the agenda that America chose in November. According to the Washington Free Beacon, left-wing agitator David Brock, the founder of Media Matters and a huge Clinton ally, hosted a private

Democrats Very Angry They Lost Their Money Betting on Hillary

According to The Hill, a number of high-profile Democratic donors who poured tens of millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are feeling “shell-shocked.” “Democratic investors went in on Clinton to the tune of more than $550 million, believing she would dispatch Trump, deliver Democrats the Senate and help the party make inroads into

The Pro Hillary, Liberal Media at War with Trump

Deroy Murdock, How low will Donald J. Trump’s foes go to tear him down? Why not concoct a fake anti-Semitism flap? “Donald Trump is normalizing bigotry,” a Washington Post headline screamed Friday night. “His campaign manager’s website publishes an anti-Semitic screed.” The unsigned editorial slams “a personal attack on the website Breitbart, whose executive chairman

Unfit Hillary Lost $6 billion, Didn’t Oversee Security, Ignored Disposition of Funds

S. Noble,  Remember when Hillary’s State Department lost $6 billion dollars under her leadership? It seems like a good time to remind people that she didn’t oversee anything. As we know from Benghazi, she just had aides rubber stamp papers that came to her attention. The Washington Free Beacon reported in April on the findings by

Gingrich: Let’s Create New Version Of House Un-American Activities Committee

Talking Points Memo – by Allegra Kirkland Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich proposed the creation of a new version of the controversial House Un-American Activities Committee to root out American citizens who plan to commit terrorist attacks in the U.S. “We originally created the House Un-American Activities Committee to go after Nazis. We passed several

Media Matters Boss Admit Soros Funded Group Works to Destroy Alternative Media

Tax-exempt organization works closely with Obama administration Obama and Hillary Clinton operative David Brock told CNN his organization, Media Matters for America (MMFA), uses George Soros money to influence the corporate media and work directly with establishment journalists. The New York Times has called Brock a “prominent Democratic political operative.” MMFA is deeply embedded within

Media Silence Explained?: Soros Fingerprints On FCC Newsroom Probe

by John Nolte  The real mystery behind the FCC’s now abandoned “study” to police American newsrooms is why the mainstream media refused to raise holy hell over it. While Obama’s lapdogs refused to bark, it was conservative media who fought for newsroom independence and got the FCC to finally back down. Other than the media’s

As TPP Opposition Soars, Corporate Media Blackout Deafening

Common Dreams – by Jon Queally  Last week, more than 550 groups, representing tens of millions of individual members, signed a letter to members of Congress urging them to vote against a push by President Obama for ‘fast track’ authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a so-called “free trade” now under negotation between the U.S. and eleven other

White House Front Group Vows to Target Alternative Media

Media Matters set to intensify attacks against Drudge, Infowars in concert with Obama advisors White House front group Media Matters has vowed to target “alternative online outlets” as part of its new “strategic plan” to exert media influence in coordination with the Obama administration. Image: Media Matters CEO David Brock (YouTube). Claiming that its war

David Brock’s Paranoia Doesn’t Prevent Him From Stalking People

You may recall a Daily Caller piece from earlier this year that exposed the odd behavior of Media Matters founder David Brock as the reincarnation of Mel Gibson’s character in the 1997 film Conspiracy Theory. As a refresher, here’s a typical day in the life: David Brock was smoking a cigarette on the roof of